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April 13, 2012

O.k. I’ve had it now! When the left starts attacking the greatest job a woman can do and tries to demean those who dedicate their lives to motherhood, I WILL NOT BE SILENT!

Get real? Do they really think we sit at home all day baking cookies?

I don’t know one stay at home mom who does NOTHING ALL DAY, do you?

Staying home is my choice  and I believe it is the greatest way for me to serve society but it is not easy, my job never stops. Most days I am up before 5am, do my prayer time, check my computer to catch up on the latest news, emails, etc. and often spend time writing, then grab my iPod, run to the gym where I workout for an hour, then run home, jump in the shower, start breakfast, get the kids up, feed them breakfast, then start homeschooling while I throw in some laundry, contemplate dinner and the possibilities of where everyone will be at dinner hour. After fixing lunch, I am usually finished homeschooling my youngest and on to finishing the others. By 1:30 I am usually drilling vocabulary and spelling or helping a third child with writing and grammar. By 2:30 when the public school kids are getting home, I am just about finished and my afternoon of driving kids to lessons, tutors and activities begins. By 3:00pm most days we are out of here and activities go some nights until 8:00pm. Somewhere in between, we grab dinner as a family and then after dinner it is getting kids ready for bed and organizing the next day, all the while I have to worry about if I have enough money to spend for gas that day and if I can afford to make dinner that night? And the liberals say I know nothing about the economy? Give me a break! Stay-at-home-moms live in the trenches of the economy.

If you stay home, what do you do all day? Please share a picture of your day, because the liberals need to be reminded again that stay-at-home mothers are not worthless silly women who can’t balance a checkbook and have to rely on our husbands to find our way to the grocery store. R

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  1. January 26, 2013 4:37 am

    I am a stay at home mom for 11 years now. It is neither easy nor a burden. My children are the most important things to me (behind hubby) and it is important that we instill morals and values at home. I am not stagnating my kids by homescholling them. In fact, we feel thatI we are giving them a better start for the challenges they will have to face once they are no longer under our authority, Things do get tight every now and again because we are small business owners, but God always makes sure that we have all the essentials and many of our “wants”

  2. Kay Killa permalink
    April 26, 2012 7:23 pm

    Well, I’m a stay at home mommy and I cook, clean, and craft. Really hardwork! Working moms are just plain lazy……Not trying to be mean but geez, my boss(husband) lets me do anything(if I ask nicely;)….He even lets me have money and make decisions sometimes! Men are the ones to be commended not us lowly servant wives….Have a nice day ya’ll, got to iron my hubbys briefs before he gets mad

  3. Dinah134 permalink
    April 20, 2012 10:29 am

    No one is attacking stay at home moms. Rosen was pointing out that Anne Romney has a whole domestic staff at her beck and call and probably has never had to lift a finger. She even has stable staff to tend to her many dressage horses. She has no idea what people not in her position go through. she never had to chose between gas and food like you. That is the whole point. Being a stay at home mom is difficult and rewarding. Being A working mom is difficult and rewarding. Neither is some holy calling, the way the right is portraying it. it just is what it is, thats reality, a world the right has yet to discover. Life has its challenges. Everyone just does their best and should be commended.

  4. Kati permalink
    April 13, 2012 1:37 pm

    Forget politicians who really cares what they think, can we remind our husbands!

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