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“Stay-at-Home-Mother” trend on the rise, news baffles researchers

April 9, 2014

Tuesday April 8th 2014, the Washington Post reported, “A newly released Pew Research Study examined the demographic and economic factors driving the rise in stay-at-home moms; a phenomenon that sociologists are still attempting to understand.”DSC05401

After decades of decline, the amount of mothers who are choosing to stay at home with their children has been on the rise since 2000 while at the same time the percentage of working women started to decline. Researchers find these two facts “interesting and hard to understand.”

Can we Laugh out loud now?

Here’s some news for the baffled researchers…”Hey researchers, women want to be with their children! They don’t want to drag them out of bed at 5:30am, to drop them at daycare by 6:30am to head to work alone, while missing all the joys of why they had the children in the first place. Unless a woman has a fantastic, high paying job, or one she thoroughly enjoys, she will do most anything else to stay at home instead!”

I have said on my blog countless times, women want to be mothers and they want to stay at home. The working-outside-of-the-home-while-your-children-are-small system simply does not work very well for families. It does not work for the women, it does not work for the family, it does not work for the children. While the children are with other caregivers missing their mothers, the working mother is at her job missing her children and often before a mother realizes it, she “blinks” and the kids are grown and it’s all over, and she missed out. Regrets. After decades, these heartfelt regrets have happened to a sufficient amount of  families and to a greater amount of women that now a new generation is saying, “ENOUGH” we’re not doing things the same way anymore. The trend towards mothers who stay-at-home continues because women are “fed up.” They miss their babies, they miss their hugs, they miss being with them and they don’t want to miss out anymore.

The day care/latchkey kids of the last several decades do not want to do the same thing to their children.

Finally the lies radical feminism promoted are being exposed. The all-encompassing career and the glamours of the working world have not panned out nor were they the best choice for families. The children who grew up “in that system” are making the change. The demographics can blame this trend on “younger mothers who are less educated” or on the “rise in immigrant mothers” adding to the numbers, but in reality, these research polls reflect the heart of where women are at: they want to spend more time with their children and if it means making sacrifices, then this generation is willing to do that.



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