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Bill Nye asks: Should parents be penalized for having a lot of kids?

April 27, 2017

April 27,2017, Bill Nye, the comedic Science Guy, has made another wacky global warming statement: “Parents should be penalized for having too many kids.”

 Bill, hello, what are you saying? Don’t you realize humankind is already in decline, and birth rates are falling all across the globe? Why aren’t you scientifically concerned that sperm counts are nearing extinction? These men! They never think about the bigger global picture.

Humans, birthing more humans, is a generational plan to sustain life on planet earth. In the twentieth century and with the invention of the pill, mankind saw a decrease in birth rates across the globe, so where are the scientists and where is the concern that mere human life might decline all by itself, without limiting anyone?

Are there any clear headed scientists who are smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall; if we limit all the couples on the planet to 1.5 children, global warning won’t matter because the human race will die out before all the icebergs melt and the oceans overtake the coasts. This should be the greater awareness. You should be telling parents to have more children instead of trying to stop the few who still want them. It is a scientific fact and one of grave concern for many governments that sperm counts are falling and couples are already opting out of parenthood. Thank goodness there are still a few places where families are thriving, so why try and stop the few couples who can have the babies?


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