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20 Children for Michelle Duggar! “How selfish!!”

November 8, 2011

Michelle Duggar is at it again and at 45 years old has conceived her 20th child! Of course I think this is fabulous, but there are many onlookers blogging across America today calling the Duggars “selfish.”

I find this hard to believe that anyone would call the parents of a large family “selfish.” I am the mother of 8 ranging in age from 7-28 yr. and I know it takes ALL of a person’s energy, and ALL of their time and ALL of their money and basically ALL of themselves to parent a large family. A person must give up their life’s ambitions in the ultimate sacrifice of love and servant hood. A parent of a large family never gets the breaks that other parents get because they have to give “love” 24/7, laying down their lives for their families. How in the world is this “selfish?”

I know, I know people are thinking global population explosion and all but here in America our birth rate is falling and falling quickly, so that “argument” does not really hold water, at least not here in the USA. Some might say the Duggar children will use up all the resources, but again that is also a bit absurd because in reality they will be contributors to the social system as needed workers for our aging population; many of whom did not birth needed children who could work and pay into the social security system.

The thing I find  interesting  is how the naysayers and those who throw stones are the ones who could be labeled as having been “selfish” themselves.They are expecting social security to be available when they retire but they did not serve the system by producing the needed allotment of future workers to contribute on their behalf. Most often these are the “selfish” ones. They  birthed their 1.2 children and spoiled them with everything, then filled our landfills with their waste by not recycling their clothes, toys and other items because they had no further children in their own families. Whose to say who the true wasters of resources are?

I just turned 50 and I still have five children  at home and will spend the glourious remainder of my next decade getting them ready for life. Most of the parents I know have already graduated their 1.2 children and now they are spending their days at the gym, traveling, running their businesses or engulfed in self-serving careers. Their lives no longer about their children, but now are completely about themselves. Whose to say these are not our true “selfish ones”.

Giving our heart and our lives to another generation is about building the future. If the Duggars or anyone else for that matter wishes to give themselves to this awesome task, more power to them! Those who are “without sin” can cast the first stone…R

Children make up less than 24% of our US population

July 27, 2011

WASHINGTON –– “Children now make up less of America’s population than ever before!”

It is now confirmed by our latest 2010 census numbers that during the last forty years we did not reproduce enough children. In the near future our shrinking workforce will not be able to support our nation’s entitlement programs which will place a strain upon an ever expanding elderly population.

In 1990, the share of children in the USA was 26% and in 2010, the share of children had fallen to 24%. This rate is projected to slip further to 23% by 2050, even as the percentage of people who will be age 65 will jump from 13% today to 20% by 2050 as the baby boomers age.”There are important implications for the future of the U.S. because the increasing costs of providing for an older population may reduce the public resources that go to children, said William P. O’Hare, a senior consultant with the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation, a children’s advocacy group.”Japan, France, Germany and Canada each have lower shares of children under age 15, ranging between 13 percent in Japan and 17 percent in Canada, while nations in Africa and the Middle East have some of the largest shares, including 50 percent in Niger and 46 percent in Afghanistan, according to figures from the United Nations Population Division.

How will the U.S.A. handle this burden? More than likely through euthanasia programs for the elderly. It will be easy for our grandkids to justify killing “their grandma” (people who today are between 47-67), if it means a much younger person might be able to enjoy life. Society will assume, grandma is old and has already lived her life.

Therefore what goes around comes around. Baby Boomers believed birth control would give them a better quality of life so they chose to greatly limit their family size to 1-2 children while opting out of parenting a larger family. Now baby boomers will live to see the consequences of limiting family size. In the near future the no-child bearing society that their birth control use created will be under such a burden of trying to pay for the elderly healthcare and drug programs that they will see nothing wrong with ending the burden and lives of elderly baby boomers through euthanasia, quality of life programs.

For the wages of sin is death…Romans 6:23
Birth control use causes ALL LIFE to come under attack.

International Women’s Day: MOTHERHOOD is our greatest contribution!

March 8, 2011

On this day as women around the globe celebrate the achievements of women and their on-going struggle to gain notoriety, let us never forget motherhood. By far our greatest contribution and achievement is the willful sacrifices we make to bring new human beings to earth. This act of love is nearly exclusively taken for granted by the opposite gender, yet in the act of motherhood women achievement their greatest empowerment.

Pregnancy is sacrifice!

Birth is an act of love!

Motherhood is awesome!

Nurturing and taking responsibility for “new life” is F-E-M-A-L-E! Let us never forget our greatest role and celebrate the wombs of women!


February 19, 2011

Feb 18, 2011, today the US House of Representatives did it, they had enough guts to cut the budget where it really needed cutting and that is by savings federal taxpayers $386 million dollars a year that is allocated to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion rights advocates know their days might be ending. Their greatest fear is that we will go after Griswald next!   Griswald vs. Connecticut is the 1965 supreme court ruling that gave people the right to legalize all forms of birth control and to bring birth control devices in from foreign countries. I don’t think they have much to worry about.

However pushing back Griswald would be quite a feat but do we really want to take everyone’s birth control away? What good would that do? One thing it could do is lower the divorce rate  and bring massive savings to taxpayers.

Divorce is the greatest epidemic of the 20th century and divorce rates climbed exponentinally once Griswald was passed, so it might not be a bad idea. Divorce and the legalization of birth control go hand in hand.

Think of all the money the US government has to pay as the result of divorce? When men abandon women and their children the federal government must step in with assistance for the single mother. They pay rent, food stamps, cash assistance to needy families, medical bills, tax refunds for families living under the poverty line, free school lunches and free college tuition. Instead of going after Griswald we need to think of the savings if we outlawed divorce.



February 15, 2011

On May 7, 2011, on the 51st anniversary of the birth control pill, across the state of Florida we will stand for those who have no voice.

We will stand in silence

We will stand for LIFE

We will stand against abortion

VASECTOMY:Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce

January 5, 2011

The vasectomy advertises that a man can have, “All the pleasures of sex without the fear of getting his partner pregnant.” What man is not going to want this? The number one problem men face with sex: they want to enjoy it, but a child means commitment. One moment of pleasure turns into twenty years of responsibility. The vasectomy takes this problem away forever. It’s great! Most men figure, why not go for it?  

A vasectomy to most men is a no-brainer!—

especially after a man has given life to several

children and is comfortable with his family size.

He figures he’s being a good dad to the children

he already has, so why not accept this operation

as his reproductive finale? With an inexpensive

outpatient surgery being advertised on gigantic

billboards and on the Internet, it’s easy to be

convinced that it’s time to get clipped and move on.

In some marriages it is the men who really want it. They see it as a way to gain pleasure, lose responsibility, and an open door if he ever wants to mess around, although few men would tell their spouses this. They’re mentally anticipating the possibilities that might arise once they are fixed. In some relationships the desire for the vasectomy reveals the underlying struggle between the male and the female for dominance in the marriage. Sometimes it is the women who make their husband get fixed. She tells him, “I had the pain of having the babies; now you’re going to be the one who gets fixed!” The men submit, often reluctantly with what she wants. Her dominance and his submission are a statement of her ultimate control (but that’s a whole other book), but not for the Braveheart’s of this world, they are not letting anyone mess with their manhood! They tell their wives, “If you do not want to get pregnant you will have to figure out something for you because I am NEVER getting clipped!” (You can hear the testosterone roar!)

God gave the man the innate desire to achieve greatness!  Men are motivated by a deep need to imprint themselves and struggle to leave their mark. This is why they build buildings and compete in business, and sports, fight in wars, and long for respect. This is why male animals leave their scent and fight the other male to the death. A male must stake out his territory. This is why getting fixed is detrimental for male lovers. It is not just a little snip; it is the severing of a gift and it disconnects the man from the emotional power God gave him to achieve true greatness.

(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

WHEN THE PRINCE FAILS TO RESCUE HIS MAIDEN Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce Part 5

January 3, 2011

Every woman believes she is a Princess and as a Princess, the  female lover desires her Prince Charming to fight for her. “Take  me away with you my darling!” (Song of Solomon 8:14.) Part of the      act of lovemaking is the thrill of the chase, the thrill of feeling  conquered and the orgasmic thrill of being physically, emotionally  and psychologically taken away.

Hidden deep within the heart of a woman the Lord placed a God-given  need to feel protected. The female heart is so very precious to God  because the female is the lover who cuddles, who nurtures, who shares  her love freely with her baby, her children and with her mate. Women are inherently the lovers. One of the female’s fullest expressions of her love will come forth in the bedroom through her physical and sensual nakedness. If she feels protected she will give her all to her lover. She will let down her guard and fully receive him with such intense passion that her lover will be shocked that his woman could be so real and vulnerable with him. This kind of lovemaking is a gift.

Far too often in today’s world women enter sexual relationships with mountains of emotional baggage. They want to love deep but they’ve been wounded from abuse. Their hearts need to be healed. The man must make her feel safe before she can open up. Her uneasiness is that she will be cast aside again. This is a dilemma but can be overcome, but when birth control enters the bedroom it complicates the lovemaking. The motivation behind using it the a threat of a pregnancy the couple is convinced they don’t want but this turning to it indicates that the female’s contribution is harmful. This indicator alerts her sub conscience mind that it is not safe to come forth in her sexual freedom because there is a chance of being cast aside again.


In God’s word sex is about security. The ultimate expression of love a man could have for a women is expressed in his commitment to stay with her and create a family with her. This communicates his deepest love for her. When she has his heart, he will be expressing commitment. “I will never leave you nor forsake you because I am in love with you and I am committed to our union.” Women need to know this and feel it. If every time he goes to be with her he covers himself with a condom, his action will speak louder than words. Even if his reason is to prevent them from another pregnancy, the act of engaging in birth control reflects that something is not quite as good as it could be. He desires the act of sex while she desires the longterm commitment. Engaging in birth control communicates the underlying theme of incomplete oneness.

If she has been abused in previous relationships she will not know how to express what she is feeling and instead will simply shut down. There is no way she will be confident enough to let her guard down to trust again. Because of her history of abuse they will not see breakthrough unless he can consistently communicate his deep love and commitment. To feel secure the woman needs to continually know that he wants to build a life with her but the subliminal messages that birth control sends causes her to question his intentions. In a birth control using society nothing demonstrates long term commitment to a woman more than by not using protection. When a male does this it demonstrates the height of his vulnerability.


In the fairytale the Princess needs to know that her Prince is willing to defend her. When a woman is talked into using something to prevent the couple from having more children or when she is talked into getting her tubes tied, she cannot help but feel her sense of loss. Even when it is for her health, deep inside women know they have love to give to children and have a need to express themselves through family. Not every woman is in touch with her deep heartfelt thoughts and feelings but unspoken messages that communicate rejection will be very damaging to their bedroom experience.

She’ll ask herself, “Where was my Prince, why didn’t he stop us and look after my rights to bear his children? She will conclude, “He doesn’t really care about me!” In her mind it will feel like he conquered her, used her and threw her away. In theory, she may have agreed with her lover’s reasons for limiting themselves but later it turns to sorrow. God’s word warns this is a difficult decision to live with because, “The barren womb is never satisfied” (Proverbs 30:16). A man may think he is getting off easy by not having another child with his lover, but he will pay.

In marriage her womb is his womb, so when her womb is longing but empty, their relationship will be affected. When a decision is made to end their fertility before it ends naturally most women will remain sad about the finality of the choice and will fall into patterns of insecurity. She’ll grieve for the babies that might have been especially when she compares herself to another woman of equal age but who appears to be happier with her family size. In comparison, she’ll look at her life with her lover and feel inadequate, inferior or jealous. In those moments she might feel inferior and unequal to this other woman and as feelings of inferiority surface her thoughts and her emotions will get the best of her. Women can’t help it, we are very temperamental creatures! Regretful thoughts and depression could set because the woman is holding emotional resentments against her spouse.

She’ll contemplate, “He does not want to make a baby with me and he is through with that part of me, so what reason do I have to continue satisfying him or allow myself to be aroused by him? As time passes she looses interest, gets busy at work and with the children’s activities and her girlfriends. They may still be having sex but their deep intimate times substantially decrease.

She no longer feels safe because she is not only feeling unprotected but she is also not feeling in control. So in areas where she can be in charge new behaviors surface. She might pour herself into work seeking promotions or she might indulge in materialism constantly wanting more in comparison to her friends. She might start working out and desire plastic surgery, trying to recapture her youthful glow. All these things on the surface are aimed at helping her feel good inside again. The pain of disallowing the inherent role of the woman to love and to be loved is the real reason behind every other motivation.

A 2010 study revealed the most unhappy women in society are women from the age of 45-64 yr. old, interesting that this is also the time when childbearing disappears. During these years, it is critical for the mental health of a woman to know her Prince still wants her, still loves her and if they could he would still reproduce with her!

When the couple used birth control their entire marriage and then got fixed ending their fertility, emotional and physical separations may be why the rise of divorce in this age group is at its highest during these years. Could these be clues about why the generation who used birth control all divorced each other? For thousands of years birth control and sterilization were not part of marriage and for thousands of years the divorce rate was practically zero.

(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)